A Beginner's Take on Qi Gong

I've just recently discovered Qi Gong! Well I've known about it for a while but only just got myself into action in carrying out a daily practice. I've been following videos by Lee Holden of Holden Qi Gong.

I've tried running and various other exercises and classes, but never stuck at one. I'm finding Qi Gong really easy to do and very beneficial too. I like that you don't have to wear exercise clothes, so you can do it at any time and that it's focused around energy or Qi / Chi.

I've been wanting to increase my vitality for a while and I've got the food side covered (well mostly), but not the exercise. The flow nature of Qi Gong has really helped me. I can't recommend it enough! It's gentle, aids your flexibility and it helps me keep mentally balanced or centered and the breathing is easy to follow. I've tried Yoga in the past but can't seem to get the breathing right so I always seem to find the exercises difficult and I've been to Pilates classes too, which is gentle but the flowing nature of Qi Gong really aligns with me.

I've only been doing a 20 minute lesson, but that's enough for the moment, it's not too strenuous and I can feel my body telling me it's had a work out, plus my mind thanks me for it too.

Lee's videos are very easy to follow if you fancy giving it a try, and they're shown in different camera angles too, which helps. Here's a link to his YouTube or just have a search, there's loads of people who have posted videos.

Hope you enjoy giving Qi Gong a go!


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