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Updated: Mar 5

My story starts about 10 years ago. I visited a clairvoyant, the experience blew my mind! It sent me spiraling into what I now know was a 'dark night of the soul'. I was depressed, sad, I had to take time off work, my mind was racing with thoughts, I was anxious and unsettled, I could go on...I just couldn't comprehend the experience, it turned my world upside down.

I worked through it and then carried on my life, I started taking some of the steps that were described to me in the clairvoyant meeting, but I hadn't realised I was doing so. Steps like becoming self-employed and starting a family. I started seeing angel numbers like 1111, my daughter was born at 22:22 that was a huge sign! I started reading more about angel numbers, but didn't really change myself much more than that. I put it all to the back of my mind really, not wishing to acknowledge what I'd gone through.

I had some unusual experiences over the next ten years, but more about that in a future blog that I've yet to write 'UFO and Angelic Experiences'. I kept being drawn to the terms starseed and lightworker. I googled them and felt they resonated with me. Maybe I was one, I thought? Who would I talk to about that without them thinking I'm crazy?

Then the pandemic started, I experienced another dark night of the soul event, panic, worry, anxiety, fear.. again, I worked through it. I felt drawn to meditation, I kind of played at it and didn't really commit.

I noticed that in the evenings early on in the pandemic, I was getting strange feelings of prickles on my head, face and body. These episodes lasted 2 hours! I interpreted them as upgrades or healing.

I began researching more and seeking info. I started working with an intuitive life coach who speaks to her spiritual guides to help her clients access their own intuition. This was again mind-blowing! We all have spiritual guides!? Wowsers, amazing and we can learn how to speak to them and ask for their guidance.

Through the calls with the life coach, I committed myself to meditating daily and that has provided me with so much support mentally, emotionally and has helped me develop further on my spiritual journey. I felt more connected to those not on earth, my family who had passed over and was learning about my spiritual guides.

At the same time, I started reading Daniel Scranton's books -

Ascension: The Shift to the 5th Dimension by The Arcturian Council


Ascension: The Shift to the Fifth Dimension, Volume 2, The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council.

They gave me so much wholeness, lifted my spirit and vibration, helped me cope and equipped me with new knowledge. I felt different, my outlook on life and my experiences changed, I'd shifted to a newer version of me. An improved version too, one that was more heart-centered and focused on love.

This takes me to today, March 2021. I'm learning all the time, experiencing new things and I'm glad that I've awakened to the reality beyond what's known as the 3D, it's been painful but I'm a better person for it and I know that I'll be able to help other people by sharing my experiences.

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