Energies and being in the now

Wow! Last night (17th March) I could feel the change in energy, it was like riding a raft down a river navigating around stones. One minute I'm fine, the next, really feeling fearful or anxious.

Luckily, that very day, I'd watched a video on Insta by Lorie Ladd, where she explained a method for coping with emotions. I'll not explain it in detail, as I'll not do it justice and Lorie's explanation is perfect, but this little summary is what I took from the video:

  • See it

  • Feel it

  • Move it out

She also talked about being in the now, this is a method too that I use daily. When my brain is going into overdrive worrying, thinking, stressing etc. I rein it in by stopping and focusing on what I'm doing right now, where am I, what I can see, hear and smell. It calms me a lot.

I'm glad I'm building up my spirituality toolbox of tips and tricks. I hope some of these help you too. Post a comment and share what your favourites are for calming your mind when it's feeling a bit out of control.


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