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Poems 3-7 Years Growing up Growing Up - no illustrations Coping with Illness and Grief Choice for Teenagers Daily LIfe From Darkness to Light A Spiritual Journey Kaleidoscope BOOK 1 Kaleidoscope BOOk 2 Kaleidoscope Collection Facing each day Twilight Years Poems in times of grief 2 Beyond Mercy Thoughts of a retired BOOK 1

Author's video of Beyond Mercy


This video incidently shows the UK cover and size of book, which differs from the USA printed books - which are as shown in picture above.

Dad's book

These three books are about the same village in Yorkshire, UK .

BookCoverImage for RSL

RIchard Shaw's legacy is the stand- alone past life story -  the 'book within a book' , the PART II, of Beyond Mercy

Glimpses final cover